Philips Hue Smart Bulbs loses works with Nest integration on November 17th

Phillips Hugh is releasing its works with With Nest in action next week on November 17th, Surrounding Reports. The company warns that from this date, “integration with Nest Thermostat, NestCam and NestProtect will be discontinued” in the announcement shown on the Philips Hue application. However, the announcement adds that “this will only be temporary” as most functions in the Google Home app are expected to be converted into Google changes that work with the Hay Google operating system.

With the announcement of its use, Philips Hughes also announced changes to a The blog post was posted to its website.

The change comes a year after Google announced it Works with Nest Smart Home Program. At the time, it said it would not allow any new works with Nest integrations after August 31, 2019, but it Existing ones will be allowed to continue. Now, however, Phillips Hughes is dropping support for the old site.

According to, the full announcement that will be shown to Philips Hue users is here Surrounding:

“Google is changing its ‘Works with Nest’ program to ‘Works with Hay Google’. In this regard, the integration of Philips Hue with Nest Thermostat, Nest Game and Nest Product will be discontinued from November 17, 2020.

This is only temporary because Google is creating existing works in the Google Home app with Nest features. Thank you for your patience and understanding. ”

Works with Nest currently allow Google’s smart home devices to control its smart bulbs. For example, the lights in a room may turn off automatically when a nest game feels empty, or when the nest product fire alarm detects smoke.

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The Philips Hue application states that a similar functionality will soon appear in the Google Home app via the new Works with Hay Google program. Surrounding Indicates that some activity will take some time to come, but at least one popular works with the Nest feature has just started to come out. Google last month Added “Balance Perception” to Google Home App, The smartphone uses a combination of geofencing and motion sensors in smart home devices to know when you are at home.

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