Photoshop free and on mobile? This may soon be a reality

A free web version of Photoshop is on the way and could open the door to the full version of Photoshop coming to mobile phones and tablets.

The emergence of more and more free or affordable alternatives has caused Adobe to rethink its suite of creative apps, which includes popular tools like Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop.

The latter, in addition to being the most popular of all, is also the one that has undergone the most changes in recent years. And everything indicates that the most significant changes will come, including the arrival of a free copy of Photoshop for everyone, accessible from the web.

Photo editing on Android may take on a new dimension with the arrival of Photoshop Web.

Adobe will release a free web version of Photoshop for everyone

As revealed on The Verge, over the past few days Adobe has already been testing the free version of Photoshop in Canada. It’s a free service, but it requires a payment method subscription in order to unlock some advanced functionality.

According to Adobe, most of the core Photoshop features will be available in the free version, so advanced users may only need to pay for a subscription.

Today there is already a web version of Photoshop that has many features of the original application, although its use requires a subscription. This version is still in beta, but the company has promised to continue improving it with new features and improvements.

Having a free web version of Photoshop opens the door to enjoying the full Photoshop experience from any device with access to a browser, such as a smartphone or tablet. Undoubtedly, this could mean a major revolution in panorama photo editing applications for mobile platforms, because although there are alternatives such as Adobe Photoshop Express, their limitations do not allow to take full advantage of the new image formats.devices, such as foldable ones.

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In any case, Adobe has not specified the arrival dates of Photosop Web in its free version, and we will remain attentive to any news regarding its launch.

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