Pillars, the core of Agen’s game problem

Why is the Again game so bad, stereotypical, and slow? Because anxiety comes from the base: the sheep. But in rugby, and even more so in Pro D2, they are key to matches. decoding.

Lots of attackers and kicks. That’s about all that Australia showed us on Friday night. This is clearly not enough to win matches in Pro D2. Even against Bézier, he finished twelfth last year.

Agen cannot speed up his game, move the opponent’s defenses to find spaces. But this team was built to play this game of rugby. The core qualities of players, such as young opening player Emile Diral or prostitute Loris Zarantonello, are fully expressed in the game of chaos, speed, and stance. But this team, today, can’t do that in the case of a match.

Gauban: “When the hole isn’t smooth, you can’t put the chain on”

In his analysis after the match, coach Regis Souness referred to a psychological problem. A mental handbrake that compresses and paralyzes players on their initiative. It even ends up reducing them in aggressiveness.

Before the meeting, and it was already pointed out during the friendly, especially in Mont-de-Marsan, we also found that the slowdown in Lot-et-Garonnais comes from the systematic turbulence. “The foundation of rugby is rugby. From the moment it’s not fluid, in the back, we can’t chain. That means another player goes and comes in behind us we’re going to lose our system,” book by Louis Gaubin, agenais suite.

AUS scrum backs rarely have clean, readily available balls. However, the golden rule of the bowl is a maximum of three seconds between passing the floor and ejecting the regrouping ball. Currently, we are far from that. In fact, the defense has plenty of time to fall back, catch a breath, and climb hard on the Agen attackers trying to climb again. So in the face of this dead-end situation, the hinge has no other choice but to dump the ball at the foot to try to reverse the pressure.

Weaknesses identified by opponents

Herault’s coach, Pierre Cailler, admitted after the match, “We focused on getting in less, putting us quickly on the ground and challenging us with wit. It worked for us.” Sign that the opponents have deciphered the game Agen and understand how to face it.

Faced with this observation, SUA has an interest in finding solutions (finally) to make the most of its qualities. However, gestures in the plates are regularly worked out in training. But in matches, the problem seems to stem more from support. The wearer often finds himself aloof.

Vite, Vite, Vite!

On Friday, we often saw a red player first reach the noise areas. Slouching, lack of rhythm, little concern for dark spots? Agen fans don’t start moving until their teammates are on the ground. However, to get a clean and dynamic game editing, they need to be more vigilant, and converge faster. This will also prevent them from fighting and wasting energy, at best, removing the corresponding scratch. In the worst case, losing the ball or receiving a penalty.

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However, since the beginning of this season, a new rule has emerged. Prevents the three player cells from linking before colliding. Whoever wears it finds himself even more isolated. So you must find a happy medium. Support one linked? Closer but unrelated supports? To keep the wearer standing taller? The employees are qualified enough to choose the best strategy. But it is clear that something needs to be done in this sector. And fast!

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