Players are complaining about a problem disconnecting consoles, and Microsoft will correct the problem

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Since the launch of Microsoft’s new console, the Xbox Series X, many gamers have encountered a recurring problem: disconnecting consoles in some games. Faced with this, the US giant announced that, according to reports, a solution will be offered soon in a console update CNET, Carried over by Tom’s Guide.

A Microsoft spokesperson said: “We are aware that some gamers may experience interruptions in connection with new Xbox wireless consoles, and our teams are actively working on a solution that will be included in the future update.” CNET. In a post created on Microsoft forums, more than 1,700 players reported this issue. Many have reported that their console disconnects immediately after loading save in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla or DOOM Eternal.

Microsoft wants to accelerate production of the Xbox Series X.

Microsoft states that this issue is related to different console colors, but the Shock Blue and Carbon Black versions appear to be the most affected by this disconnection phenomenon. Some players decide to play by systematically connecting the controller cable to avoid interruption.

Meanwhile, many are waiting to be able to acquire their own Xbox Series X console, a victim of its success. Microsoft also asked AMD to speed up production in order to meet the demand.

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