PlayStation Sports Golf for Everyone will lose all online features

Fan favorite golf Golf for everyone It will not be available for PlayStation 4 players to play online. The game was launched in October 2017 and was a popular addition to the list of golf games available to sports fans. Besides titles like Mario Golf: Super Rush And the short golf tripGood golf games are rare and this news has upset many fans of the game.

Golf for everyone It is an original single or multiplayer game where players can choose from several different characters and start playing golf. The game can be played together in a room or online with friends and others. Players were able to race online and connect with other players from all over the world in a fun and bright environment. There are many features in the game that people enjoy, but the online mode was the main attraction for many. Contrary to calm short golf tripAnd the Golf for everyone Placing players in a green area in a semi-realistic manner. They had to take into account wind, temperature, and other atmospheric issues that would alter the ball’s trajectory. There is also a newer VR game known as Everyone Golf VRBut there is no online mode in this version.

EuroGamer This has been reported Golf for everyoneOnline servers will be closed on September 30th. This means that players will no longer be able to play with their friends online. The game is still a couch co-op game, so friends can play in the same room if they want. This change comes as a shock to fans who still play online regularly. The online mode of PlayStation players allowed fans to join people from all over the world to play golf. There were different game mode options available to players, but unfortunately that will no longer be an option.

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The online feature is not the only feature that is left out of the game. Other features that will no longer be available is the open course selection, which allowed players to jump onto the course and run freely to the golf hole where they wanted to start. Another feature that got rid of is the TurfWar mode. TurfWar was an online mode that put players into two teams and launched them into a course. Players will then compete against each other in an effort to get as many holes as possible. Sony has not given any reason to shut down the servers, but speculation is that it is due to the cost of maintaining them.

Whatever the logic, the lovers Golf for everyone Always annoyed by the news. . fan base Golf for everyone It will still have a single player mode, but this change will definitely leave fans wanting for more. This news has now given gamers hope that it may mean that Sony is working on another version of Golf for everyone Franchising, although nothing has been announced yet.

Source: EuroGamer

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