Pochettino discusses the game, tactics and Messi

Mauricio Pochettino, coach of Paris Saint-Germain, stopped at a microphone Amazon Prime After winning (2-1, find the summary here) against Friday night at Parc des Princes as part of The twelfth day of the French League 1 2021-2022. The Argentine coach returned to this victory, which he obtained in the last minutes, by achieving the second half much better than the disappointing first half as well as the tactical scheme. It also delivered the news of Lionel Messi, the 34-year-old striker being released at the break.

Pochettino ‘It’s a Choice’

Was it borderline?

Football is 90 minutes with overtime. But overall, I think we deserved to win. Then we can go further and analyze the match. But overall, the team deserves to win.

Triple Defense did well against Leipzig and Lille, do I think I would start that way?

I think this is an option in order to find different ways to play. We have a great team and different players. There are possible ideas. We can adapt to this system. But it’s good to be flexible. Sometimes the starting plan works, sometimes it doesn’t, and I’m glad that this option is available to different players with different characteristics.

It is good to get this result. But we must continue to work. You must be able to adapt and evolve according to the game. But it is a tactical option that can be used. We have to think about it.

Pochettino “Hopefully it won’t be a big problem and that he will be available for the next match.”

Any news from Messi?

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We must wait. We talked to the doctor half the time. It is a precautionary measure. He couldn’t keep playing, but we hope it won’t be a big deal and he’s available for the next match.

Pochettino: “I don’t think it’s one player or a position that changes everything.”

The best Paris Saint-Germain with a real number 9? Neymar and Di Maria expressed themselves better with a fixing point?

I don’t think that was the problem in the first half. The plan did not work. It’s just that Lille is a team that knows us well. We did not work properly. We weren’t good enough to feed our offensive players, let them calm down and be in control of the game.

Every loss of the ball ends in our area. We were better at it in the second half. But I don’t think it’s a single player or position that changes everything.

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