Pochettino talks about the importance of match, game and fun

HMargin of n from Saturday’s press conference to discuss the match The thirtieth day of the French first division Tomorrow at Parc OL (starting at 9 pm, broadcast on Channel +), Paris Saint-Germain coach Mauricio Pochettino, in an interview with Amber Godilon on a microphone PSG TV. An opportunity to discuss the importance of tactics and approach to the meeting and the fun you will have in the game.

Pochettino “We have to develop our game and our identity.”

LDC semi-finals last season, strong opponent and tight standings: a match like the final?

Yes, of course this will be the case for both teams. We know that and we’re going there to try and win. It is final and we need the three points.

Lyon, the team that attacks, is it more useful than a team that defends so weakly?

I do not know. The most important thing is the way we approach the game. I think we have very talented players, a very good team. But the circumstances mean that we have to focus on ourselves more than on the opponent. We have to develop our game and our identity. We are working on this upon our arrival.

Lyon is an offensive team, they have great football and a very good coach. It will be a tough match against the Champions League semi-finals.

Pochettino “Pleasure is the first thing. But for that you have to be in shape, run and be focused.”

It is important to always have fun while playing? How do you avoid the players’ routine?

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of course it is. Pleasure is the first thing. But for that you have to be in shape, run, and focused. So, with the talent we have, we’ll have fun next. There is a lot of things around, but if you are fit, focused, and organized, you can definitely have fun. We are working on sorting all the items in order to enjoy this fun.

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