Pokémon Day: New announcements and great deals for the new Pokémon Legends game, Arceus

Centuries before the era of “Pokemon Sparkling Diamond” and “Pokemon Sparkling Pearl”, the Sinnoh region was known by another name: Hisui. The story of “Pokémon Legends: Arceus” takes place in this distant time, when connections between humans and Pokemon were still rare. In this new compilation, your character from the village of Rusti-Cité is invited to join the Galaxie group. As a member of the Corps of Seekers, your task is to roam the land in order to create your first Pokédex. Explore the huge open spaces in complete freedom and complete the tasks given to you to unlock new areas. During your adventure, you’ll come across Pokemon of all generations, sometimes available in alternate versions. Your path will also take you to discover the secrets of the legendary Pokémon Arceus. To start your journey, you will have the choice of three companions: Brindibou, Héricendre and Moustillon. You will find Pokémon Legends: Arceus at €49.99 on CdiscountAnd the Amazon where Fnak. This authoring is compatible with the standard Nintendo Switch, but also with Lite and OLED models.

Pokémon Legends, Arceus: New gameplay on Nintendo Switch

While Pokémon League, Trainers, and Gyms won’t be around for many years, players may be wondering what challenges await them in “Pokémon Legends: Arceus”. Innovative, this authorship includes multiple new items for licensing. Unlike previous games, you roam in an open world and you will often be asked to return to your home village where Galaxy Group HQ is located. Taming a special Pokemon will help you to cross long distances at sea or on land faster. During your travels, you will be able to collect resources that will allow you to craft tools. To catch a Pokemon using the ancestor of the Pokeball, you will need to be patient and observant. In fact, you will now have the possibility to avoid the fight and catch new Pokemon by taking them by surprise. However, if you ever find yourself having to fight against a creature, you will discover that the gameplay has also been reworked in the clashes. You will now be able to control your Pokemon’s fighting style by switching between fast and powerful modes. Learn to master this new strategic aspect in order to take on the Guardians and Guardians who protect the rarest Pokémon species.

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Pokemon Day 2022: Many announcements this week

Pokemon Day will take place on Sunday, February 27th. For the occasion, The Pokémon Company has planned several announcements throughout the week to highlight the various forms of the franchise. Besides the multiple events inside Pokémon Masters EX, Pokémon Sword and Shield, Pokémon Café Mix, Pokémon Unite, and Pokémon GO, players were also expecting new announcements about P25 virtual parties featuring famous international artists. On this day in Pokemon Day, it appears that the Japanese company has chosen to focus on “Pokemon Legends: Arceus”. Today could be an opportunity for developers to reveal new monsters or new areas, in the form of the first DLC. Be sure to join Pokémon Day to learn more about the future of “Pokémon Legends: Arceus”. In order not to miss any of the latest discoveries, follow the various platforms, sites and social networks of The Pokémon Company now.

Other good Pokemon deals to grab on Sunday:

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