Pokemon GO teases a new raid boss on social media

Raid boss teasers show 6 hours
Raid boss teasers show 6 hours

Update (23:00 GMT, November 28 2020) – Niantic shared Another teaser tweet, This time with a pink raid egg with a 44 hour long timer. The previous 6 hour timer seems to be the time until the next announcement. The new timer is 11 AM PST, ending Monday, November 30, 2020. See you later!

Pokemon GO was suddenly released on social media New teaser video Refers to a new raid employer. We do not have much information about this new raid boss, but you can see it from the video 6 hour timer.

Could this be related to the new one-star raid boss who made fun of Pokemon GO on their large scale? Go beyond the update blog?

Looks like a mysterious Pokemon is ready to hatch from one A Star Raid Egg Coming soon! We are monitoring the progress of this egg on our social channels and we may need your help to get it soon!

There is a lot of speculation online about what this new Raid egg might get, and we found a variety of guesses! Can we finally meet Keglion? Could it be a scooterbuck from the Kalos region? Could it be one of the many forms of rotums? Or could it be something else?

A keen eye may notice a rapid flash Mental illness Type in the background in 2 seconds in the trailer! Can we get a special? Mental illness Type in a star raid boss? There are an incredible number of popular mental types in the game.

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Depending on how big this teaser is முடியுமா Can you finally access the second mue? Could this be the new Colosseum Pokemon like Esper? Guess greatly in the comments, important hype time!

Initial Video Teaser:

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