Pokemon reveals the advice that Ash’s father had given him for a long time

Pokemon Cocoa Is The most recent film to join the franchise, And this jungle adventure is eager to come to the state after its big premiere in Japan. The film, which was released in Japan on Christmas Day, shared some interesting details with fans about its ways. Thanks to a certain innovator of the film, fans learned the advice Ash … received from his dad.

Yes, that’s right! Ash Ketchum seems to know who Dad is, and the boy recalls some advice he received from his old man. Earlier this month, fans Said by Pokemon Cocoa Director Tetsuo Yazima says that Ash’s father will join its story, because our hero got some solid advice from his pop.

(Photo: Pokemon Company)

According to the film’s innovator, Ash has a short conversation with Coco about his father. When the moment comes for dads to try to get in touch with Ash Coco, the newcomer clashes with his foster father Jarro. After some local kids laugh at his dreams, Ash shares the brilliant words his father gave him.

“When I was little, I used to be laughed at by my friends for my dreams. And whenever I start to hurt my dad he would say to me: ‘The map for your goals is within you. If you leave now your dreams will not come true.'” (Via Tokasubek)

As Ash needs this quote it is clear how to encourage Ash’s dad. The boy did not give up his dream of becoming a Pokemon master, and his father seems to have pushed Asha in that direction. Now, the only thing fans need is to meet that man and hear these words in person!

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This is what you do Pokemon Cocoa Report? Do you hope to know more about Ash’s dad …? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me on TwitterMeganPetersCB.

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