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Pokémon Unite, the moba game based on the Pokémon world, will be launching soon on mobile. We explain when it will be downloadable.

Pokemon Unite is a MOBA created by Nintendo set in the Pokémon universe. For those who don’t know the concept of the game, in teams of 5 Pokemon you will have to face your opponents, defeat mobs to accumulate points and score them on opposing bases. The game was released on Switch on July 21, 2021 and will soon be released on mobile phones thus it will be accessible to more people.

If you are also waiting for the release of Pokémon Unite On iOS and Android mobile devices, the game will be released on Wednesday, September 22, 2021. You can especially Free pre-registration So that your smartphone will start downloading as soon as the game is available in the App Store or Play Store.

When is Pokémon Unite coming to mobile?

If you want to play Pokémon Unite with your friends or alone but don’t have a Nintendo Switch, it will be possible to download the game in a few days. In fact, The game releases on iOS and Android on Wednesday, September 22nd It will be completely free to download. You can if you really want to Pre-registration. This will allow you to download the game as soon as it is available in the App Store or Play Store.

Once the game is released, an event will be held that will allow you to win for free, by completing some missions, Pikachu with his skin and many Aeos points. You will be able to achieve it with your friends on console thanks to intersection Which will be available when the game is released on mobile.

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