POL-MA: Oftersheim / Rhein-Neckar-Kreis: Toyota window shattered, wallet and cell phone stolen

02.04.2021 – 08:41

Mannheim Police Headquarters

One or more strangers broke the window of a Toyota parked at the post office Thursday between 5.15 and 6.15 pm. Here, the stranger took advantage of the absence of the owner who parked her car there to go for a run. The stranger stole a wallet and a Samsung phone from inside the car. Damage from theft is approximately 300-400 EUR. The damage to the vehicle is estimated at 300 euros. Witnesses who made suspicious remarks at the time are asked to contact Schwitzingen Police Station, tel: 06202/2880.

Please contact:

Mannheim Police Headquarters
Jan Freitag, PvD
Phone: 0621174-2333
Email: [email protected]

Original content by: Mannheim Police Headquarters, transmitted via aktuell news

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