Police are working to determine the motive behind the North Vancouver knife attack

Police are working to determine the motive behind the knife attack that killed a woman and injured six others inside and outside a library in North Vancouver, British Columbia, on Saturday.

Sgt. Frank Gang of the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team said the suspect, who was in his twenties, was being held. This person has had trouble with the police in the past and has a criminal record. The policeman added that the investigators had not yet understood the motives for the attack.

“Obviously, the question is why this happened. We think we know how, what, where and when. Our job now is to find out why. That will be the first question for us,” he said at a press conference near the site of the attacks.

The attack took place on Saturday afternoon in a crowded shopping area in North Vancouver. Mr. Zhang said the families gathered to enjoy their last weekend before the end of the spring break.

It seems that it was running in one direction, anyone who gets in its way becomes a victim

Steve Mossop and his partner stop when they see a bloodied woman while they are driving down Lane Valley Road near the library. The couple believed she had been in a car accident, he said, but claimed that she had just been hit by a man.

Steve Mossop said he and his partner saw several victims within 100 yards of each other. He told the Canadian Press: “It seems that he was running in one direction, and anyone who crossed his path became a victim.”

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Saturday evening offered his condolences to the families of the victims. “My thoughts are with North Vancouver tonight.” Justin Trudeau said: “To all those affected by the violent incident in Lynn Valley, know that all Canadians are thinking of you and wish a speedy recovery for the injured.”

Federal Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson, who is also a Member of Parliament for North Vancouver, said he was “shaken” by the attack. He noted the importance of Lynn Valley Library to the community. “This library has been a safe place for families in the Lynn Valley community to come together for years,” he said in a statement. To this day, it was inconceivable that such a senseless, violent act could have occurred in his heart. “

Sergeant Jang said every homicide investigator is working on the case.

Even the small details matter. He stressed that if someone saw anything, if someone was here and saw the man who had been arrested, and if someone heard him say anything or anything, then we need him.

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