Police warning: These text messages are especially dangerous for Android users

Police are warning of a new scam in which criminals allegedly use SMS to track parcels to reach smartphones.

Lüneburg – Outsiders try to reach consumers’ cell phones with a text message that simulates parcel delivery.

According to LKA, Android users in particular are at risk. (Icon image) © Tobias Hase / dpa

Police stations in northeastern Lower Saxony recently found several indications of such cases and warned of the scam, as announced by police in Lüneburg on Friday.

Cases of damage are known from the Stade area, for example. The Lower Saxony State Federation warned of the trap at the start of the year.

Thus the SMS is a gateway to spread malware. There is a link in the message to help track a package that is said to be arriving soon.

If this link is clicked, several other SMS messages will also be sent. According to LKA, Android users in particular are at risk.

So the police warn against clicking on the link so as not to download malware to the mobile phone.

Anyone who has fallen into the scam should report it – either to the police station or to an online station.

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