Portable USB-C monitor weighs just 325 grams in VAIO

It was now 10 years Sony has spun off its VAIO brand, which has continued on its own independent path. Launched today in Japan A new portable USB-C monitor that weighs a featherweight of just 325 grams. The display is also ultra-thin, measuring between 12.4mm and 3.9mm thick.

picture Vaio .

This feature allows Sony to introduce the Vaio Vision Plus 14 as the “ Lightest in the world “. In comparison, a model like the ASUS Zenscreen OLED MQ13AH weighs 490 grams while offering a smaller screen. To give you an idea, the 13-inch iPad Pro M4 (which is already very thin) is 5.1mm thick and weighs 579 grams. The accessory comes with a paper protector that can allow it to be placed on top of the laptop.

Image of Vaio.

This 14-inch display features a 1920 x 1200 LCD panel and connects via USB-C. It is possible to plug it into the mains to recharge your laptop at the same time, although the accessory only sends out 60 watts. The display is lit at 400 nits, which is good but not amazing outdoors. Unfortunately, there is little chance of this device arriving in France since VAIO no longer distributes its products there. The Vision Plus 14 is sold out For 54,800 yenor about 316 euros.

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