Possession plan, future … Mickaël Landreau calms things down

Starting off however! Football club FC Nantes: Summary of the Canary Islands Transfer Window

A few days ago, Philippe Plantev, President of Proginov, laid out the outlines of the FC Nantes project that the sponsors intend to join in the Ouest-France region. Acquisition project to which he wanted Mikael Landro to add.

He is an essential character. Imagining a takeover project without the Landreau would be a mistake today. I have been seduced by the ideas he carries, but it is not Andrew who will buy the club, ”said the businessman, who sees the former Canary Islands goalkeeper as the moral and sporting guarantee behind this new project. The deposit has been verified by the city council.

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Landreau: “While we’re talking, there’s nothing”

For Valdemar Keita, however, it is almost a matter of pride not to discuss his club’s purchase deal with people who present Mikael Landru as the right leader. Suddenly, the former goalkeeper walks on an eggshell.

In response to a question yesterday from Le Petit Lillois about his plans for the future and especially the possible takeover of FC Nantes, Mickaël Landreau preferred to laugh: “I’m calm. I haven’t talked about anything, I’m really good at what I’m doing. After that I miss football and want a club project. Nantes will always be my favorite club, but today, as we speak, there is nothing. ”

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