Post-apocalyptic golf Golf Club Wasteland is coming to consoles and PC

Most humans have not survived the collapse of ecosystems, the Earth is now a waste field, but the wealthy still get their living by colonizing Mars. However, this few distinguished group of people are terribly bored with their inhospitable rocky tip, and in order to unwind, they have obviously found nothing better than to indulge in their favorite sport, golf, on land, which has become a giant sport. She can master her swing in an inappropriate manner. Lots of pitch Wasteland golf club, who offers us to play one of these lucky survivors.

More than just a skill game, Wasteland golf club It wants to be a satire of anticipation, a critical look and disappointment at the world we live in. Our golfer’s memories and also Radio Nostalgia, a radio station on the Martian FM waves, as well as the comments of a mysterious spectator watching us play, will be there to tell the story of humanity’s fall and difficulty. Living conditions of Mars colonists. Demagog Studio, developer of the title, promises several levels of difficulty, allowing any type of player to find a challenge of their own size. The Trailer for a movie Airing to mark the game’s announcement on consoles and PC as well, it shows a sophisticated yet elegant artistic trend that frankly makes you want to discover it. Wasteland golf club When it was released in August of this year. The title will also be accompanied by a graphic novel that tells in more detail the story of Charlie, the main protagonist of the game.

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