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Apparently mysterious plan Omen of Argon Austin It could be one Restart of Prey 2: This is a rumor reported by an anonymous source on 4chan, which apparently should be taken with a grain of salt, but it has surprisingly credible properties.

Arcane Austin’s involvement in the development of Prey 2 was talked about many years ago, but Oman is really one. New intellectual property It starts from those foundations that lead us to a future open world city characterized by a complex level design.

According to this source, in the game we will have different goals to eliminate or neutralize, each well-hatched and with a story behind it, and we can face them in the order we want, in a very similar way to insult.

Completing these contracts and stealing resources will allow you to get the money, training or acquisition of some gadgets needed to unlock new skills. These will have technical expertise, but there will be things like this as well Space magic They can be mixed like prey.

The author of the post says that pre-production in Oman started before the release of the aforementioned prey, but the project would have entered production only after the release of the Mooncrash expansion.

He will contribute to the development of the game Roundhouse Studios, A group of former members Human Head Studios, Authors of the sequel to the original prey. L ‘Exit This should take place in 2022 on PC and next gen consoles.

Veronica Tucker

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