Primitive: The Kickstarter Awakening Board game launched

Directly inspired by the iconic license Monster hunter, This is a board game that will definitely appeal to fans of this license, but perhaps also to players who want to face off against big monsters in a board game.


The game offers the search for big monsters, single Or in teams of 4 players, for more or less short gaming sessions. If the encounter with the big creatures is limited to a small game board, everyone is busier. In fact, the game consists of a complete crafting system similar to a video game license, allowing weapons, armor, and consumables to be manufactured prior to engagements. Likewise again, the key to victory is adapting to the hunted beast.


The game system itself comes close to a deck building, that is, a set of cards to choose from that make up the list of possible actions by its holder. Each hunter has his own personal plate with holes for equipment and consumables. Each large monster also has a similar system, with specific characteristics, and behavior cards – because each monster has its own behavior – and has evolved over the course of the battle (again in a system somewhat similar to MH).


It is possible to play in the campaign mode, allowing for a fairly large sophistication of the hunter’s tools as well as the options to be made via quest cards and movement or poem preference One hit Its just a hunting game.

The game looks a little pricey, but the monster characters are huge and look very good. There are several previews, some in French, for more information after the test. Additionally, the rules of the game are available in English for now, but soon in French.
It looks like the game has already found its fans anyway since it was funded in under an hour and has already found more than 5,800 contributors.

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if you are interested, from here.

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