Programming language: Java 17 is coming in the fall – outlook

Java 17 is about to happen in the fall, but the next release of the JDK (Java Development Kit) is already taking shape: For many of the features in the JDK Improvement Proposals (JEP for short), it became clear that they would be part of the Will be programming language.

Java developers submitted proposals for two new features at the end of February, namely the macOS supply pipeline (JEP 382) and the advanced pseudo-random number generators (PRNG, JEP 356). As an alternative to the existing pipeline, the new line should reach the Apple Metal API. The alternative appears to be recommended against the background that the current pipeline uses an outdated OpenGL API, which Apple will remove from macOS in a future release.

The new pipeline proposed in JEP 382 It should match the Java 2D API that uses macOS’s metal frame. In terms of functions, the new pipeline should match the previous one, but also perform well or at least better. According to the proposal, developers are now working on a clear architecture so that the new pipeline can be used in parallel with the old OpenGL API until the old API becomes unavailable. It appears that no other new Java or JDK APIs are planned.

Pseudo-random number generators will enable new interface types, and their implementation should offer a skippable PRNG as well as an additional class of divisible PRNG algorithms called LXM. The new interface RandomGenerator As per the proposal, there should be a unified API for all existing PRNGs and those to be added. Innovation also includes four other special things RandomGeneratorInterfaces. According to the authors of the proposal, there are a number of possible uses for improving Java through pseudorandom number generators. According to the announcement, developers will not have to implement additional PRNG algorithms. According to the suggestion, three widely used algorithms in other development environments have already been included.

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The project is described in JEP 356 Java developers should allow the use of various interchangeable PRNG algorithms in applications. The new feature will support stream-based programming and subsequently streaming PRNG objects. Code duplication from existing PRNG classes will become obsolete and class behavior java.util.Random It should be kept as planned.


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