Project Aurora is the new battle royale game for mobile

Activision confirms the rumors: the new installment of the Call of Duty franchise on mobile devices is codenamed Project Aurora. The title aims to “unite people around the world” in “a fast-paced, meticulous, high-quality battle royale”. During the statement, they revealed that the first test that can be played is currently underway among editor-selected players.

Call of Duty: Project Aurora: Everything We Know

This test they are referring to is part of the special alpha program they are now celebrating. They intend to add more players as the development stages continue. “As the Aurora project is still in development, only a small number of participants are needed to help us achieve our goals at this time.”

At the moment, the publisher does not wish to reveal its official name or the planned launch framework. The Reddit posts alluded to by the statement encouraged the team to come out and confirm their presence. “You may have heard things about Project Aurora on Reddit or speculation on YouTube, but we haven’t announced anything officially yet. The game is still in development and we are in our first alpha game play test,” they explain.

Nous avons pris connaissance de son développement lors des résultats du premier trimestre de l’exercice 2021. « Quand nous pensons à long terme, nous constatons que la croissance la plus convaincante est sur la plate-forme mobile », a déclaré Kore Rob from the community. “We believe there is an opportunity to better connect mobile to the broader Call of Duty ecosystem and are actively recruiting talent to help us on this journey. To do so, they put together a new internal study that has created synergies between other teams in the company, such as Beenox and Activision Shanghai. We will have to Waiting for the upcoming dates to see his appearance.

Source: Call of Duty Blog

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