Project CARS GO: The iOS and Android mobile racing game begins in the video

After some racing games with existing licenses, A little mad studios Gain fame with Automotive projectSimulation-oriented titles that have won over many players. These games are available on computers and consoles, however The license is exported to cell phones.

A little mad studios, Accompanied by b GamevilleIt was just launched Project CARS GO on iOS and Android, a racing game designed for smartphones and tablets with a Play He asks for just an inchIt reminds us of the launch trailer. On the content side, submit the title 51 Officially Licensed Car Models, 12 Tracks, and 1 Mode a trip around the world To improve its vehicles by winning races on the tracks Brands HatchAnd the Monza National CircuitAnd the WeatherTech Raceway or Dry lake, But also Against the clockAnd the Daily Trials And the Possibility to personalize its cars with paints, stickers and spare parts. Kyu Lee, head of the studio GamevilleComments:

From the very beginning, we built Project CARS GO as an all-new mobile racing experience. The game is accessible and fun to play: it allows all players to enjoy the thrill of unmatched competition, regardless of their playing level. We are especially excited to launch this game in partnership with Slightly Mad Studios’ racing game experts. We look forward to supporting the game’s follow-up with fun events, new cars, extensive customization options, and new ways to tackle the competition for years to come.

Project CARS GO is available at Free to play Certainly toApp Store (iOS), The Google Play Store (robot). If you are going to change your smartphone, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 at € 151.18 in Amazon.

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