PS5 and Xbox Series X Restock hit Best Pie after 9am ET this morning

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Today may be your last, best chance of hitting the PS5 or Xbox before Christmas. Best Buy has the next gen consoles on sale today, Tuesday, December 15th – but as usual we expect inventory to be limited. Sales “goes live after 8am (9am ET, 6am PT),” the company writes in a blog post. That PS5 and Xbox consoles will only be sold online, You can pick them up at a better buy store using the retailer’s curbside pickup option.

Links to company pages for all four consoles are here.


Choosing the disk drive version of the PS5 may initially be more expensive, but it allows you to access cheaper games at retail.


If you like the convenience of digital games, the PS5 digital version is the way to go.


It doesn’t look like the wrath of the Xbox Series X, but this console is cheap and very beautiful. Great for anyone who wants to subscribe to the secondary console or the Xbox Game Pass.

And Ackerman / CNET.

On paper, the Xbox Series X is the most powerful of all the next-gen consoles.

Despite being on sale a month ago, new PlayStations and Xboxes are incredibly hard to find. The Best Buy tweet announcing that there will be more stock on Tuesday was retweeted 1,600 times within 50 minutes of going out.

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When selling the PlayStation 5 directly on its website it is not immediately clear whether Best Buy will put those interested in a virtual lineup like Sony’s approach to controlling traffic or how much of any organization’s share will be available. CNET has arrived on the best bike and will be updated if the company responds.

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This story was originally published on December 14th and will be slightly updated as the sale date approaches.

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PS5 vs. Xbox Series X: Final Comparison


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