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Digital Foundry One has done Video comparison between the PS5, PS4 and PS4 Pro versions of the Gran Turismo 7. You can watch the video above.

Digital Foundry explains, “Polyphony has created the digital three Top versions of Gran Turismo 7. Like other Sony first-generation games, the PS4 and Pro versions are largely identical – resolutions aside. Because the base engine is built for that generation of hardware, it’s still a good game – and major upgrades to the engine (such as changing time of day, weather, cloud rendering, etc.) enter all versions of the game. . Comparing the PS4 Pro with the PS5 is like comparing a well-measured PC game to low / medium to high / ultra settings – with a significant increase in resolution.

More specifically, it explains – on PS4 – The Gran Turismo 7 hits native 1080p, while the PS4 Pro hits the 1800p checkerboard. The PS5 instead offers native 4K all the time. Also, the new console can count on more graphic clarity and less artifacts caused by transitions. The configurations on the PS4 and PS4 Pro are very similar, with some lower resolution settings on the base console.

In-game motion blur enabled PS5 Also it enhances the feeling of immersion and speed. It is not found on the basic PS4, but can be implemented on the PS4 Pro by limiting the resolution to 1080p. However the performance is acceptable in all versions, with a few drops in each version. Additionally, Gran Turismo 7 loads faster on the PS5 (40 to 4 seconds compared to the PS4).

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Finally, we leave you to our review of the Gran Turismo 7.

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