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The Stellandis Group’s Jeep House has finally released the first images from the brand’s Brazilian branch, following various previews of its Renegade refurbishment. A second upgrade of the car is in progress, the previous one dated 2018.

You can see it in the newly released teaser video What will the 2022 version of Renegade look like?; The house has done differently changes Inside and outside the car, the new engine will be added to the range. But we are waiting for all the updates of Jeep.

Changes have been made to the new Jeep Renegade for 2022

In the teaser video of the new Jeep Renegade released recently by the Brazilian branch of the brand, you can see the car in its entirety. House shows some changes made in the design of the interior and exterior. In the previous video (actually this was the second release), the vehicle was still camouflaged and focused on Trail standardized off-road capacity, highest in the segment.

Design changes include a new grille and new LED taillights. The 2022 model will feature a new steering wheel and a new full digital instrument cluster. The video begins with the image Badge T270 4 4, This reinforces the message that the model is now fitted with a new engine (in Brazil, the T270). Pictures of the car in operation are then displayed, which demonstrates the model’s excellent performance.

Then all the details and some innovations introduced by the House start to appear, i.e. new grille and new headlights with DRL (Day Time Running Light) arrow function. We see footage of the New Jeep Renegade traveling fearlessly through an off-road, followed by pictures of a dashboard with a multimedia screen. New and modern three-spoke steering, Taken from his sister Jeep Compass.

First pictures of the new Jeep Renegade for 2022

Facebook has been updated, and in the new Renegade version it is more three-dimensional, with seven elements of support. The anterior fascia consists of updated air intakes and a redesigned protective plate, with colored elements, reminiscent of body tone. Further Alloy wheels have a new design, Completely unpublished. In the pictures we see the orange shade selected for the body, as opposed to the black roof.

New Jeep Renegade in Europe

Despite the various developments in Europe that speak of the renewal of the Jeep Renegade (This comes after a special edition released last June), We still do not know when the renewal will come on the old continent. The Renegade is the queen and leader in compact SUVs for sale by 2021. In addition to aesthetic restoration, the new model will bring improvements in safety systems, on-board technology and performance. And it will continue to be a symbol.

The European Jeep Renegade will have the same style as the Brazilian, but it may come New 4-cylinder 1.5 (T5) FireFly engine Instead of the current 1.3, in the mild hybrid version (it can have 130 or 160 hp). We look forward to all the updates that House offers, and we look forward to hearing from you Introducing the brand new Renegade And in Europe.

Jeep has introduced the new Renegade car

Jeep New Renegade: Reconstruction and Released News for 2022

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