Push Game: Extremely Active Mouse to Promote Computer to Everyone

Created 20 years ago, Toy Mouse is a very important and useful association, especially for “gray hair”.

The Toy Mouse, based in Vesos, which is now twenty years old, is an important bond. It has 129 members, the majority of whom are “grey-haired” and have gotten a little lost in computer science. She worked all over the country, and held her general assembly in Esterre. A minute’s silence was held for the first time in memory of two missing members, Jean-Bernard Carrier, who was the treasurer and “troubleshooter”, and Roger Nogier, the first member of the school.

The original objectives of the association are: since 2001, in the canton of Luz-Saint-Sauveur to help, advise and promote the use of computers by pooling the knowledge of non-professionals and exclusively for members of the association. If the principle of the “associative garage” was laid from the very beginning, then the activity is now based on more talented and desirable repairmen than others. Another volunteer required by the association. In fact, the initial goals have been largely exceeded by the rise and rapid development of technologies such as smartphones and television. In 2020 and 2021, 577 interventions were carried out over a distance of 5,030 km. If the satisfaction rate exceeds 90%, for unresolved issues, contributors cannot be held responsible for equipment condition or any data loss. Some basic principles are repeated again: back up your data, your documents. To use an old formula “Help yourself, the game mouse will help you but can’t find the deleted documents. Also note carefully somewhere your access codes and passwords that cause you to waste a lot of time finding them”. And watch out for suspicious messages even if it’s a friend.

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On the accounting side, note that the association does not ask for subsidies. The contribution may seem high but it is worth nothing when it comes to troubleshooting your computer. The office, headed by President Andrei Soberkaz, returned to its place due to the failure to find people who would like to engage in community life. Just a change, Cathy Aribet is now the treasurer and will be assisted by Mary Rose Horen as the assistant treasurer.

The gathering was followed by a delightful meal prepared by Sandra Meydan.

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