Qubit: Build Your Own Quantum Computer

Don’t understand how a quantum computer works? That’s why Google created Qubit for you. Addictive little game in English.

In honor of World Quantum Day, Google and Doublespeak Games just launched Qubit . game. that it The game is available on your internet browser This allows you to “build” a quantum computer. Very accessible, it allows everyone, including the youngest, to create a representation of the operation of future computers.

Qubit Game: Build Your Own Quantum Computer – Credits: Google, Doublespeak Games

The complexity of quantum computers and the technological requirements are so great that Few companies in the world participate in its construction. And most of us are simply curious and have to admit that we don’t understand it.

Simple and fun game

The game explains qubit-related issues in a simple way: Regarding their jobs and the difficulties they encountered in carrying them out. It’s a fun journey to build a quantum computer,” One qubit at a time “.

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Step into the world of quantum computing with Qubit from Doublespeak Games and Google Quantum AI. Build a quantum computer, one qubit at a time. Earn points by solving the same challenges as quantum engineers, from keeping qubits cool to blocking cosmic rays. If you succeed, you’ll discover new upgrades for your PC, complete great research projects, and change science forever. »

From the simple Qubit to the supercomputer

At the initial stage, we get one qubit that we need to take care of. Then, as we move on to the game, Little information is given about the quantum field and how it works.

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You protect qubits from heat and cosmic rays, gather information and update your system. Then the computer leads More and more complex calculations until it becomes a supercomputer.

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It’s worth noting that with Qubit, you can’t actually design a quantum computer, let alone perform calculations. It’s more aboutInteractive illustration Giving you a first understanding of this technology in the future.

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source : Qubit . game

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