Quest 3 will feature eye and face tracking

CEO deadAnd the Mark Zuckerbergsaid that the next version of Meta Search, Quest 3, will feature eye and face tracking. According to him, this is a “big goal” for the new VR headset.

During an interview with Lex Friedman on his podcast, Zuckerberg announced his goal for the eye and face tracking Quest 3. He will design the next task, and will primarily focus on face tracking. In fact, it will mainly focus on eye tracking. According to Zuckerberg, this will actually allow users to make eye contact, an action they can’t do via simple video conferencing.

Meta Quest 3: Mark Zuckerberg prefers eye and face tracking over design

Covered Zuckerberg’s interview with Friedman Wide range of topics, including metaverse identity, social media moderation, and more. It was apparently one of the most frank discussions with the Meta CEO so far.

Either way, the genius behind Facebook said that there is currently no VR and metaverse company that prioritizes respective features on its devices. The reason is simple, they serve flexibility. According to him, they make virtual reality devices heavier, and they can also increase their thickness.

Despite this, Zuckerberg said the Meta will still prioritize eye and face tracking for Quest 3. The company will focus more on these popular features rather than making the new VR headset thinner and lighter. In fact, it will allow him to develop a file VR devices are more humane.

According to its CEO, the latter will create a sense of presence richer. In fact, a large part of the expressions and emotions of different users are translated by these subtle movements. Although Mark Zuckerberg has talked about the Meta Quest 3, he unfortunately has not provided any details about its launch yet. All that is known is that it won’t be released any time soon, because according to Meta CTO John Carmack, Quest 2 will still have a “long life”.

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