Ragusa, stop selling mafia tools: the mafia is not funny

Ragusa, stop selling mafia tools: the mafia is not funny

Ragusa – “There are issues that cannot be addressed lightly or superficially, or even in a gillard spirit. For this reason, I have issued an ordinance banning gadgets or souvenirs that mention the Mafia favorably or jokingly, following a directive action proposed by Councilman D’Asta and voted unanimously in the City Council” . This is what the mayor of Ragusa wrote, Beppe Caso, in a post on his personal Facebook page. “On some issues it is not to be joking – as the Mayor of Ragusa, Beppe Caso has written – we cannot indulge in some stereotyped and unintelligible image to describe ourselves.

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We cannot scoff at the mafia, there will be no respect for the many martyrs of the criminal phenomenon with which we are unfortunately infamous in the world. We feel bad and indignant when we are out Sicilians scoff and pizza is given the name Mafioso, but first we have to set an example and not underestimate such a sensitive issue. Obviously, before moving on to the sanctions phase, traders dealing with this commodity will be made aware of the problem and will have time to adapt to it. The Mafia is not funny – concludes the mayor of Ragusa – and certainly cannot be a springboard for commercial purposes.”

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