Razer Launches Iskur Gaming Chair With Fabric Material / Gaming Experience

Razer announces a fabric version of the critically acclaimed Razer Iskur ergonomic gaming chair. Developed in high demand from the ranks of the community, this Iskur is made from a super soft and water repellent material for a comfortable yet durable design. The tightly woven fabric provides a soft feel that is suitable for everyday use and is water, oil and dirt resistant. The fabric version of the Razer Iskur also represents optimal posture and ergonomic support, which is what the Razer family of gaming chairs are known for. It is equipped with revolutionary lumbar support and will also be available in an XL size.

After the release of the Razer Iskur and Razer Iskur X in XL size, the Razer Iskur family is now complete. The XL versions are 15% larger than the regular Iskur versions and offer a better fit for gamers thanks to a higher backrest and wider seat. XL versions are developed for people with a height of up to 2.08 m and a weight of up to 180 kg, so that more users can enjoy the Iskur family.

the new Canvas versions of the Razer Iskur and Iskur XL are now available at Razer.com, at RazerStores, and at select retailers. The Fabric version of the Razer Iskur costs 549.99 euros, while the XL version costs 649.99 euros. The Razer Iskur in the XL costs €649.99, while the Razer Iskur X in the XL costs €599.99.

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