RCS – Nîmes 5-0, game and players

The race won easily 5-0 against weak Nimes Olympique. An update on individual offers for Strasbourg residents.

Kawashima (6,5) : Racing saves twice, with critical saves. In particular a beautifully negotiated duel. In the air, his interventions are still arduous. Like when Nim accidentally wins, without the referee swinging. The beautiful duels he won made it possible to avoid Nem’s relaunch.
Lala (6) : He was energetic and generous, he perfected his penalty. Sometimes there’s a little bit of confusion and a lack of accuracy at some positions (but some angles are good kicks in). Serious, diligent, generally good game.

Simakan (6) : Ultimately a little involved but sober, efficient and moving forward. His association with Giko was the best. I use the past to mourn this bond. Substitute as a precaution regarding his knee (Dixit Lowry) but he’s clearly feeling goodbye.

Digeco (7) Huge bailouts and tyrannical remedies. An obstacle close to the limit in the first half, but he provided a solid defensive full match. Do not vibrate. He is not here to laugh!

Cassie (6) Play a secret match, even if he does the mission defensively. Good attitude towards harassment in exchange for pressure. Sometimes Gulevi “” stirs “more but also without regular cold sweats. Then a wonderful assist to Ajorque’s weak. Great art this center. What we see is a little less at Lala.

Sissoko (7) : He hit a lot, he was fair with the ball, a lot of wise alternation with Aholou between the relay and the goalkeeper. Great game. It might also be about the opponent and when the level goes up it’s different, but tonight was boss mode.

Ahulu (6,5) : Very present, less fair than Sissoko and less recovering, but it’s a great help. He also touches a job. Activity, scratch a balloon. A great game.

Bellegaard (7) : Very active, on all fronts. Sometimes he’s able to dribble like crazy … like in Paris or tonight in the first half. He’s in touch, energetic, touching, he gets a penalty kick. Cm … it’s tough sometimes when the level goes up, but tonight it was a higher cut than we had up front.

Thomason (5,5) : Some great chores that could not be completed, but were confused too much, got hit in duels, some mistakes, and some failed attempts. But a lot of expenses, and inconvenience to the deductible. One of the lesser known racing men in this game.

Diallo (7.5) : It was not always in sight. Some bad choices in the first half, were more conservative in the second half. It opens up the complex situation, decisively in the two goals that “have put us in good shape”. He is a killer. High standard of hygiene. He spares his team a match that would have been locked down and boring, versus Reassembled Neem … he detonated the lock and then put in a lot of effort, substitutions, freeing up space, embarrassment, and making proof of effectiveness.

Agrock (7) : He scored two goals, fought too much … Too bad for a foul that hurts everyone (missed a penalty, slips well while taking off) without consequences, but less lethal and less jaw-dropping than Diallo. But his stats are enormous: 7 shots, 5 on target, 2 goals. Hell match too, punishable a little with failures and ratings.
Entrants : Prcic was the most convincing. Lennard was a little disappointing. It’s hard to believe a lot in seby the bits and pieces we see. Waris doesn’t look like he’s in anymore, even if he scored with a penalty that didn’t shoot well.

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