RED by SFR package of 5 € per month and THD fiber at € 25 per month

This is the last day to take advantage of the current offers at RED by SFR. The operator offers his full range of 4G packages at discounted prices. Hence, the perfect opportunity to upgrade your package without spending a thousand cents. For users simultaneously seeking to tweak their Internet Box display, the current promotion on RED Box will be of interest. As for telephony, the customer is really spoiled for choice when it comes to finding a suitable RED by SFR package for their consumption. Offers range from 50MB to 130GB, available for all consumers. As for the Internet offer, the customer chooses both optical fiber and ADSL, and in all cases, the phone package is presented as an Internet box without commitment.

The RED by SFR no-obligation plan ranges from 50MB to 130GB from 5 € per month

The operator is offering, for a very limited time, discounts on the full range of mobile phone plans. Internet users can then Carry a new package according to their needs. For consumers looking for a classic package, with very little internet but an unlimited phone, the 50MB package is ideal. You pay only 5 € per month, without obligation. The 50 MB is used in France, as in the European Union and in the overseas departments. A mobile phone must only be 4G compatible abroad to function.

Mobile plan without obligation

starting from15 euros

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However, the amount of internet is limited, and larger consumers prefer RED by SFR plans. They can look at The classic RED offer by SFR, which is on offer at € 15 per month for 80 GB. The customer also benefits from 10 GB which he can use from the European Union and external divisions. For even more freedom, users are happy with the 100 GB package at € 20. However, an additional 12 GB can be used Roaming From the same destinations. Finally, the last offering suggested by RED from SFR, the package is 130 GB, this one has its own: it takes advantage of the SFR 5G network, as a bonus, for only 25 euros per month. 15 GB is more guaranteed in EU and DOM.

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The plan includes mobile data then, but what about a mobile phone? So the feature of the RED package by SFR is undoubtedly unlimited telephony. In France, as in the European Union and the Overseas Territories, theAll calls, SMS and MMS are unlimited guaranteed. At this time, and until January 11th only, the 4 mobile offers include a bonus offered. Customer has built-in access to the RED TV app that makes it easy to watch TV on their laptop.

What should be remembered for RED by SFR non-binding packages?

  • Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France / EU / DOM.
  • 50 MB package at 5 € per month.
  • 80 GB + 10 GB EU / DOM offer at € 15 per month.
  • Treat yourself to 100GB + 12GB EU / DOM for 20 € per month.
  • 5G up to 130 GB including 15 GB in the EU / DOM at 25 € per month.
  • RED TV offered, unlimited.
RED sponsorship by SFR

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Optical Fiber Internet Box For 25 € per month only with RED Box

When a mobile plan RED by SFR isn’t suitable, it will likely entice the Internet Box offering. Anyway, with promotions on RED by SFR’s unique Internet Box offer it’s interesting to look at it. FAI is already offering, for a limited time, the RED Box at a discount. Thus, it is offered in optical fibers at a discount of 10 euros. Then the customer introduces himself An internet box at 25 € instead of 35 € per month, always without obligation. It’s easy, then, to end a RED by SFR show when it isn’t appropriate.

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Internet Red Box from SFR current offerbox internet RED by SFR promo

Until then, however, the subscriber can easily make use of the Internet box that allows access to optical fibers. It has a modem that allows you to connect to the Internet using 1 Gb / s download speed, 500 Mbps upload speed. This boosted speed is due to the offered option, usually 300MB / s width each. This is the opportunity for the subscriber to take advantage of the high-speed Internet fund. What do you play online or download movies and series in two and three moves without interruption? Display Dual play Includes a phone as a bonus, with calls to landlines in France and 100 international countries. As a bonus, the offer guarantees the option to allow unlimited calls to cell phones in France and abroad.

This if Square Show without TV by RED by SFR. If a subscriber now subscribes to the RED by SFR package, he is using the RED TV app, but what does he do to watch his shows on TV? You should then add the option RED TV, for 2 € per month for 35 channels, or RED TV Plus for 4 € per month for 100 channels. This allows access to both the set-top box and the mobile app to watch TV on laptops and computers. The customer can then customize their offer, in particular by subscribing as a reward in the CANAL + package, for example.

The Red Box offered for sale until January 11th is:

  • 1Gb / s download, 500MB / s download;
  • Unlimited calls to landlines in France and 110 countries;
  • Unlimited calls to mobile phones in France;
  • RED by SFR TV package is optional at € 2 or € 4;
  • 25 € per month without obligation.
All you need to know about RED Customer Area by SFR.

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