Regionally: Marie-Guite Dufay makes commitments in terms of vocational training, health and social training

Mary Gate Duvay visited Thursday, May 27, in Hot Sauna. During a stopover in Gray, the outgoing president visited Plastigray and had lunch at Foyer des Jeunes Travailleurs AFSAME.

Press release from Mary Gate Duvay on May 27, 2021:

On this occasion, it was able to return to the basic role of vocational training, as a tool in the service of companies to meet their labor needs, and as support in the service of searching for work and preserving skills.

In Fiesole, she then visited the Nursing Care Training Institute to demonstrate regional competence in health and social training.

This day was also marked by a visit to the gite de la Tourelle-Magney in Bay, and to the Majestic Cinema – Espace des lumière in Vesoul.

Mary Gate Duvay’s proposals for vocational training and health and social training.

1. Training and qualifying 100,000 job seekers to meet business needs
2. Securing career paths for job seekers in vocational training through increasing wages.
3. Prioritize training for future occupations: digital, biotechnology, green jobs, new energies, and mobility.

Vocational training is an essential lever for the Regional Council to protect the jobs and skills of Bourguignons-Francs-Comtois.

The previous state was marked by a steady increase in places of training: up to 15,000 job seekers involved each year. The majority are also strongly committed to improving the training offer, while increasing the training proximity to basic knowledge and good coordination with companies, and to the purchasing power of the trainees, while increasing the bonuses and doubling the transportation allowance three times.

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We want to continue this commitment to training in the future, with a commitment to train 100,000 people over the next term. Priority will be given to new occupations (digital, green growth, new energies, mobility, health and biotechnology, local economy, etc.).

We want to continue to make the life of the vocational training trainee easier, through a single portal to access training, facilitate access to transportation and work with local communities to obtain housing for the duration of the training for people who have to travel. We will also endeavor to ensure interns are fair remuneration.

4. Supporting and strengthening health and social facilities

Health and social facilities are an important specialty for the region. On the health side, several measures were implemented during the previous term:
Investments in institutions (in Besançon, Montbeliard, Chalons-sur-Saône or Paray-le-Moniel …), an increase in the number of training places (165 additional places for nursing assistants in February 2021 in Bourgogne French-County; there will be 59 more places in September 2021 and 73 Another place in February 2022).

The health crisis was also an opportunity to support students in the health sector in particular, by compensating students involved in operating COVID services.

In the next term of office, we hope the Region will continue its strong commitment to support training in the health and social professions:
By increasing the number of training places to meet the needs of the regions.
By maintaining scholarships based on social criteria for students in these fields and free of charge for fifth-level training.
By supporting the modernization of the training infrastructure in the field of nursing and social professions.
By investing in innovative training tools, such as the use of virtual reality.

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