Rennes ADDON, “Happened by and Professional Video Games”

With a mixture of intense glee and relief, the organizers gave the start of the new season of ADDON. Back to face to face for this 6And Edition: 260 professionals gather for two days of technical conferences on video games.

An event powered by CNC, the region of Brittany, the city and metropolis of Rennes but also two special partners: AWS and Microsoft.

Professional event before Stunfest

Théophile Noirier, co-founder of independent studio Breton Triskell Interactive Who speaks on stage: The idea for ADDON came about six years ago. In collaboration with 3Hit Combo, we wanted to create an event for professionals in this sector before the general Stunfest Festival for the public »explains the new president ofAtlangameswhich is the Association of Video Game Professionals of the Great West. “The goal is to have an opportunity to meet and learn from each other through advanced technical conferences”.

Technical guidance of the game To hell with the uglyback to the composition of the soundtrack for Pharaoh New Era Written by Louis Godart, Talking openly about the relationship between developers and publishers or about environmental storytelling…there is something for everyone and all fields.

Moreover, developers, graphic designers, composers and video game communicators come from all over France: the Brittany region, of course, but also from Paris, Lille, Lyon, Montpellier, Angouleme, Bordeaux…

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Live group on Twitch

Left of the last two copies away, according to covid, the organizers decided to keep a part online. With #MeatOurSpeakers, RedFanny and Exserv presenters will introduce some live speakers On Twitch ADDON.

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Enough to open the event outside and make spectators want to look at the 30 organized conferences: all recorded for replay “at the end of summer”.

Rennes ADDON, “Happened by and Professional Video Games”

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