Report: Apple’s next MacBook Air with M2 chip to launch in 2022

The next MacBook Air is expected to be Apple’s first laptop to use the next-generation M2 chip. It should launch in 2022, according to Dylan asked to escape. The MacBook Air will likely have similar color schemes to the iMac, while the newer MacBook Pro due out later this year will use the M1X.

MacBook Air

Dylan’s tweet reads, “Just wanted to share some details on when to expect the next generation M2 (not the M1X that’s just for Pro Macs). This processor is slated to launch in the first half of 2022 along with my next color Macbook (Air)” .

The M1X is expected to have a 10-core processor with 8 large cores and 2 effective cores compared to the M1 in the 4 + 4 configuration. The current chip has a GPU core count of 8. It can be doubled or even quadrupled.

The M1X will be supported by TSMC’s N5P process. A revised version of the 5nm node is used for the current M1. The chip could have a core architecture similar to that of the M1, namely, Firestorm and Icestorm cores. While the Apple M2 will have fewer processor cores, unlike the M1X.

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Previously, it was a report on Nikki Asia It has been suggested that the tech giant will order 3nm chips for new iPad Pro models next year. This could refer to the M2 chip that will be shared with the MacBook Air, which serves both devices with passive cooling only.

Rather than sharing chips between form factors, Apple will likely diversify its chipset with a dedicated phone, tablet, laptop and desktop. The iPhone chipset will be diversified using a 4nm process.


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