Rezzil Player 22: VR fitness app with imminent release date and screenshots!

RizelSoftware developer VR For athletes, a release date has just been announced Raziel player 22 On Oculus Quest 1 And 2. This app offers a training program with exercises designed to strengthen our coordination in the field It was developed under the guidance of professional athletes and coaches.

Upon its launch, Rezzil Player 22 will offer three exercises designed for a full-body workout : heads To help improve our accuracy, see hoopsAnd Basketball-inspired exercise to improve coordination between us and reaction wall Which helps us speed up reaction times. Raziel player 22 will also include Blokz . game, a mini baseball-style game with “lots of chaos and explosions”.

immediately after that, Rezzil It announced that the game will be tracked and additional free and paid content will be offered. In the beginning, there will be another mini-game, Riders, which will expose us to deep space, alone and chased by grunts, the zagers and robots Watchman In the space port Rezzil. It will be necessary to try to survive 30 levels of physical combat, even fitness fighting, more and more difficult. Workout Extension Pack heads It will add 30 levels of clearing and passing techniques created with professional clubs, coaches and players. New cosmetic options will be available in a new collection Rezzil. All of these add-ons will be available from day one.

Rezzil Player 22 02 . Wall Reaction Rezzil Player 22 03 جدار Wall Reaction Rezzil Player 22 04 جدار Wall ReactionWall Reaction Rezzil Player 22 05 Wall Reaction Rezzil Player 22 01

In addition to the above content, Rezzil partnered with Adidas to me’adidas brand package. It offers a selection of 16 soccer balls ranging from pitch balls to World Cup classics. It will be possible to customize our training environments using the official colors and illustrations ofAdidasChange the user interface colors to adopt the brand’s colors.

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Raziel player 22 It will be launched onOculus Quest Store Tomorrow, Tuesday, August 10, 2021, at €14.99. Note that this is the first in this Shop The releases are usually published on Thursdays. Is there any change in the air at this point. Continued.

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