Rio Fulvester. Archistoire: Garonne mobile app

When the Garonne River is treated as a distinct identity, all sides gain their legitimacy through the “Autres Garonnes” project. The said project resulting from the CAUE 31 approach offers this unique view of the river through a wide range of tools such as the ‘Archistoire’ smartphone app. This same “app”, which can be downloaded free of charge from Google and Apple stores, is intended to complement the Volvestre Discovery (between Mauzac and Boussens) by allowing immersion along Via Garona (GR 861) and Trans Garona (bike path). Using their smartphones, visitors “scan” their environment: go back in time, virtually reach inaccessible places and discover enhanced content … their visit becomes a unique and unforgettable journey! Designed on the principle of hybrid reality, the application allows you to explore fascinating 360-degree places, discovering heritage and history in an immersive and intuitive way. Five visiting routes linking 22 stations (visiting places) that the user can go to to play interactive content. More than 120 points of interpretation make it possible to describe the natural base of the territory, anchorage and human footprint: town planning, agriculture, architecture, economics, heritage, environment … depending on the contents to be enhanced and the story told with unprecedented features. To know: (historical) characters invite themselves into the landscape to create an element of surprise or serve as a guide. Hidden or invisible items appear superimposed on reality. Places that are inaccessible, unusual or closed to the public can be visited remotely and in 360 degrees. Images invite themselves to reality and open temporal windows to the past or the future. The visitor’s eye is directed to the wonderful elements of the landscape. Audio content (ambience, testimonials) is played when you hover over it to relive the atmosphere of places or times.

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