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As part of the Science Festival 2021, the communications departments of Pacte Laboratories and ISTerre have imagined and created a serious online game. This game, which can be accessed from middle school, deals with the idea of ​​”Great Risks”.

What are the major risks? It is the probability of an event of natural or human origin (caused by human presence or activity) whose effects could threaten the safety of citizens and cause more or less serious harm.

While major risks are a major concern for good city management, it is also essential that citizens are aware that there are significant risks within cities/villages and know how to interact and protect themselves from them.

Riskocity is designed to make players aware of the various main risks attributed to the municipality, know where to get information and properly learn about it.

Objective of the game

A new mayor has just been elected in peril! By taking her work seriously, she’d like to know more about the city and the dangers to residents’ safety. To do this, the mayor calls an investigator to identify potential dangers to the city.

From the volcano, through the ski resort and the Earth science laboratory, all these places must be combed to see what they are hiding there …

So step into the shoes of the detective and conduct your investigation among the city’s actors to put together a list of the dangers hanging at Riskocity!

How to run it?

The game will be available on the Pacte and ISTerre websites of 1He is Until October 10, 2021 only.

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Pacte site

ISTerre website

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