Rocket League Season 5 Reveals: It’s Going Cosmic!

With the upcoming Rocket League season, we’ll be flying straight into space next week! Source: Psyonix / Epic Games

Psyonix and Epic Games have revealed the upcoming fifth season in the Rocket League! This time it gets really cosmic. Starting November 17th, next week Wednesday, you will be able to play a new arena format. Plus, of course, a new competitive season and a new Rocket Pass will follow.

The new map that you will be able to play is called “Starbase Arc (Aftermath)” and as the name suggests, it is a modified version of the already known Starbase Arc. The new playing field is darker and generally has more space connections. Overall, Rocket League Season 5 is entirely space themed.

This is also evident in the newly released movie trailer. We see spaceships, lasers, space, space stations, and – not to be despised – also the next battle car, the “Nexus SC,” which will be available in several variants in the upcoming Rocket Pass. Not surprisingly, in the context of the new setup, people are even talking about the “metamorphoses” that the new battle car will achieve by advancing down the battle lane.

By the way, what you can hear in the trailer is a reinterpreted version of the song “Player Of Games”, which GRIMES designed specifically for the upcoming Rocket League season. This will also be released later this month.

Rocket League Season 5 Cinematic Trailer

Season 5 Rocket Pass is packed with quirky items like a Spacedirt paint job, an animated Hyperspace poster that transforms at the speed of your car, and a new portal blast ready to take over: cosmosis. Officials explain this during the Season 5 presentation. You can watch the trailer for the new Rocket Pass from November 16 to rate how much you like the new items.

The day after Season 5 begins, you can look forward to LTM with a new variant of Heatseeker thanks to three new lab arenas: Barricade, Colossus, and Hourglass. Get ready for Heatseeker Ricochet, featuring Heatseeker events on these new maps that will dramatically change the way you play. Quick thinking becomes the key to victory here. The corresponding patch should appear the day before the season starts, which will optimally prepare your Rocket League installation to activate on Wednesday.

Rocket League Season 4 Rewards

Of course, as always, there are also announcements at the end of the season about the rewards you will receive for the ranks you have achieved. In addition to titles to reach the rank of Grand Champion in the normal game modes as well as additional modes, there will again be items based on the highest rating achieved.

This time it’s the turn of the tires with even a Doric symbol in the middle. You can take a first look here:

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What do you think of the Season 4 rewards? Let’s know!

What do you think of the Season 4 rewards? Let’s know!x

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