Round table entitled “The Arab World, Confusion and Video Games” July 7

Roundtable organized by Game Impact on July 7, 2022 at 7:30 PM on Twitch with Alex AK and Younes Rabie

Association game effect Reflects on the societal challenges of video games, to enable us to improve our media, and to help make the world a better place! We invite you to our new roundtable on the topic: The Arab World, Confusion and Video Games.

so what? Orientalism, especially theoretical Edward Said, is the West’s peculiar vision of the East, particularly through colonialism. From stigma to fiction, many stereotypes still exist today stemming from this. So we will look at the specific state of the Arab world and cultures, to discuss the ways they are represented in video games, think about the impact of these representations, and imagine how to make them evolve. A topic that is still little explored, but is important in the field of games for progressing towards more comprehensive and richer representations. So we call Younes Rabie and Alex A. Twitch game effect channel.

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We hope to see you there!

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