Safetyn has launched its first ever virtual beta world championship

Safetyn emphasizes that this challenge aims to “Pilot in a simulator” around the world, but also for real pilots. “With new selection centers in Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, New Zealand and Canada, we will surely give an international boost to these electronic tournaments for the best pilots 2021” Arnaud Violland, CEO and co-founder of Safetyn, explained a few weeks ago to during the France Air Expo in Lyon-Bron. “For us, this competition is part of the future of pilot training.”

200 registered marks were crossed shortly after launch, coming from 6 countries “With the majority of the French” Identifies Arnaud Violland. teaser of senior pilots 2021, who wears Hollywood music has something to impress and challenge potential participants. To dive into this completely virtual universe on a simulator and experience this new type of competition to the fullest, wearing a virtual reality headset is highly recommended…

Accuracy, Fighting and Branding Jury

Electronic pilots will compete in several series of events across two categories (“precision” and “combat”) ranging from light aircraft to military aircraft. Presenting many complex flight cases, “Participants will have to demonstrate their qualities of decision-making, participation and flexibility in environments with a high cognitive load” Praise Safetyn.

Once you register on a dedicated website as of July 15, 2021Participants will have to install and configure Microsoft Flight Siimulator 2020 for exams using another software provided by Safetyn before boarding online from home on different missions according to categories.

To judge their skills, the judging panel will bring together Catherine Manori, current president of the Aéroclub de France, Etienne Bauer (Director of Operations at Naval Base Landivisiau and Rafale Marine instructor), Marc Croizier (former combat pilot), and Paco Wallaert (former pilot of the Pakistan Air Force). ).

As if you were there! Safetyn’s demo e-tournaments promise competitors to immerse themselves in real missions…as much as they are virtual. © Savetin

From virtual to real

The events will be held in the “Accuracy” category open worldwide until October 16, 2021, first in training missions (parachute landing, rescue at sea, etc.) and then a sequential selection of participants depending on the results. Starting September 25th.

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The finalists will then enter the preparation phase (October 17-November 05, 2021) and will be trained through personal training by about a dozen experienced pilots and instructors, including members of the jury.

The Grand Finals will take place on 06-07 November 2021 at the headquarters of the Aéroclub de France in Paris and l’Envol des Pionniers in Toulouse. In addition, events in the “Combat” category will begin on November 17, 2021 and run until March 11, 2022 in a similar pattern.

the winners” senior pilots A day of acrobatics immersion will also be offered, with Catherine Monoury and Antoine Crocon at Chartres Airport. The winners of a ‘Real Journey’ transitional support course inside the Safetyn’Academy and participation in the 2021 French Championship and 2022 World Precision Championship at Albi Airport are also planned.

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Safetyn box is ready to take off

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