Sampaoli: “Now we will be able to advance the game” – interview

Coach, it has been twice since you won the most, are you happy with your players’ performance and the game tonight?

Jorge Sampaoli: “Yes, the energy that the team knew how to expend in the short term and the adjustments that the team knew how to allow them, along with a tie that held the match for us mentally, to strive and win. This victory is with energy and will allow us to work with more safety. We saw the unity of the group and the joy of Victory Now, we’ll be able to think about progressing in the game, but it was more an emotional victory than a tactical one.

Why did the same starting line-up line up against Rennes despite some getting tired?

youth: “It’s a tough choice. With the short time I had, I prioritized the game system that worked. We had very little time to prepare for the system change. So I gave up. The priority is work over burnout considerations, which were very real. After that, the decision was … You took to make changes during the match. “

After Thuven’s goal, he ran to you to rejoice. Can you tell us about his match and this moment, which remains one of the pictures of the evening?

youth: “That goal was very important to us. Florian Toffin was very keen to score and he really came to gift it to me on my birthday. It is a joy shared with the whole team, who need moments like this. Thofen is a player who needs to regain his form to play here. He is a decisive player.” It will allow us to win more matches. “.

Do these late-win goals make the group more united?

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JS:Loneliness is closely related to success. The team should unite around an idea that goes beyond results. The coach’s job is to fix an idea. There will be different times and this is where we will be able to see the level of the team, as it will learn how to learn and how the players will be able to meet around a common project. “.

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