Samsung S3B512C: The fingerprint sensor replaces the PIN code on credit cards

Photo: Samsung

New IC for fingerprint security Samsung S3B512C It combines a secure sensor with a secure component and a secure processor in an integrated circuit, thus it can optionally replace your PIN and signature on credit, debit, prepaid and other cards in the future.

The first all-in-one security chip solution

The new solution from Samsung is after EMVCo Common Standards Assessment Assurance Level (CC EAL6+ certified and compliant with the latest Mastercard Biometric Evaluation Plan Summary (BEPS) specification for biometric payment cards. Unlike previous solutions, the new safety circuit combines the following three elements into one integrated circuit:

Samsung S3B512C
  • Finger sensor (secure sensor)
  • Safe Element (SE)
  • Safe processor

Samsung is talking about an all-in-one security chip solution that reads necessary vital information via a fingerprint sensor, stores and authenticates encrypted data in a secure, tamper-proof element, and analyzes and processes the data using a secure processor.

Samsung S3B512C combines sensor, safe element and safe processor
Samsung S3B512C combines sensor, safe element and safe processor (Photo: Samsung)

By integrating these three major functions into a single chip, the Samsung S3B512C aims to help card manufacturers’Reduce the number of chips required and simplify the design processes for biometric payment cards”, according to Samsung. Previous three-chip solutions are more expensive and therefore rarely found.

Anti-spoofing against identity theft

With the new integrated security IC, biometric payment cards should enable faster and more secure interactions when shopping in the future. Fingerprint biometric authentication eliminates the need to sign or enter a PIN on a physical or digital keyboard, and prevents “Fraudulent transactions involving lost or stolen cardsThe manufacturer continues.

In addition, the so-called anti-spoofing technology in the Samsung S3B512C should prevent unauthorized users from circumventing the security system by illegal methods such as artificial fingerprints. The algorithm used is proprietary and, according to Samsung, tampering with fake fingerprints should be ruled out.

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