Save the date! Asterix: The Potions Mission!

Virtual room, first room Collaborative Virtual Realitywill launch the first virtual reality experience dedicated to Asterix world.
This is amazing Unique experienceTitled Asterix: Mission Doses!, it presents the audience with a Unique opportunity To dive into the world of famous Gauls and experience epic adventuresand face the Roman legion as if you were in -50 BC.

Asterix: Mission Potions! Use the Virtual Reality Technology The latest technology to transport users in and out of the Gaelic village. Thank you for Amazing graphics And many more InteractionsParticipants will find themselves alongside Iconic Characters Asterix. They will also explore. Mythical environments And it will fall under Exciting challenges.

In the program: A special lesson Dosages with Panoramic, a Picking in the forest Under high protection, a Jailbreak Flying high, as well as a epic brawl Against the Romans. This Family experience (From 8 years), developed in partnership with Albert René Editions, which should delight potion lovers young and old: The Romans had better beware!

The Official Asterix Adventure: The Quest for Potions! From September 7, 2024

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