Scandal in Tagesschau (ARD): The spokeswoman picks up the phone during a live switch and starts typing

Annette Dirt picked up her cell phone during a live broadcast on ARD.


The Tagesschau (ARD) program on Sunday evening (October 31) was a very special show, because reporter Annette Dirt picked up her mobile phone during the live broadcast and began to write: “I’m sorry.”

In Tageschau on Sunday evening, ARD reporter Annette Dirt (58) reported from the United Nations Climate Conference in Glasgow. In the middle of the live broadcast, the journalist suddenly picked up her cell phone and millions of viewers asked themselves: What just happened? Now the 58-year-old has explained why she reached for her smartphone in the middle of a live broadcast.

The UN climate conference in Glasgow was particularly exciting for Tagesshaw viewers, because reporter Dirt cut her report off after two sentences with a surprising “sorry.” Breaking news is very unusual, especially if the cause appears to be a mobile phone.

The foreign reporter, carrying her mobile phone, apologized to the public. “I’m sorry, but I have such a row on my ear here,” Dirt said. Tajischaw later explained on Twitter and Instagram why the journalist picked up her cell phone.

Therefore, Dittert cut off direct contact

“Due to a disturbance in the headphones through which television reporters communicate with the studio, improvisation was required,” Tajischaw wrote in a statement on social media. Dirt himself also spoke to explain the unusual direct connection. “No, I have not been contacted and I have not checked any emails or Twitter between them,” the 58-year-old wrote after wild speculation about the cause of the outage on the network.

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“What really happened: I had a crazy bang on that ear piece you have here during a live switch, and that’s why I just walked out.” In order to properly respond to the technical malfunction, the reporter called her smartphone. “That’s why I then quickly check my key points on my cell phone,” Diert says.

The Twitter and Instagram community doesn’t seem to blame the Tagesschau reporter for the error – journalists are only human.

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