Scooters, Vélo’v, phones and computers recovered from Rhône in Lyon

On the occasion of World Oceans Day, the 3.1 am Odysseus Association organized a cleanup of the aquariums in Lyon.

The association’s teams dived at the pedestrian bridge level in the college in the second district.

This time, Odysseus activists took out scooters, Vélo’v and also all kinds of other waste, such as phones, computers, strollers, car radios, crutches or even bottles. Diving in which Representative Hubert Julien Lavirière, candidate for NUPES in the second district of the Rhone, participated.

In addition to water pollution (the Rhone River carries more than 8.5 tons of plastic annually before it ends up in the Mediterranean) causing huge damage to animals, plants and our health, Vice “He would also like to warn about the amount of current resources of concern, as the Rhone glacier, the source of the river, will halve by 2030 and disappear by 2100 and the flow of the river will be reduced by 40% in 2045“.

As a reminder, the Odysseus 3.1 actually did a college footbridge level dive three years ago, bringing 109 scooters to the surface in just three hours.


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