Section 2 on PS5, some graphics issues will be resolved tomorrow – Live 4.Life

Section 2 Available tomorrow Update This will require suspending online settings and allowing Ubisoft to release version-specific links PS5 Can be edited Graphic problem Volumetric fog.

Truth be told this is one of the issues with the PS5 version of The Division, which may seem like some kind of unexpected disaster we saw from the latest technical analysis, but it’s a start, and waiting for fixes to come later.

As reported in the official Twitter message, Section 2 servers are coming Turned off for maintenance Tomorrow, February 16, 2021, Italian (approximately) from 10:30 to use updates on the server page, but it also provides the opportunity to release a specific link for the PS5.

“Offline time is expected to last 3 hours, which also includes a tweak Volumetric fog Missing on PS5 “, reads Ubisoft’s tweet. To be honest, the volumetric fog doesn’t seem to be the only problem with the PS5 version of the game, so other fixes are likely to come later, but in the meantime it’s still in the right sense waiting to see results.

Coincidentally, Ubisoft recently announced that Section 2 will receive new content in 2021, so long-term support from the publisher is expected.

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