Seezy: “Fits in my entire studio for the MSI Creator Z16”

Your advice to start creating music productions on your computer?

sissy. First of all, you need to purchase a computer whose dimensions allow it to easily slide into a bag, a high-performance headphone and, if necessary, a sound card in addition. For my part, I used the MSI GS75 Stealth and because I was very satisfied with the brand, I wanted to continue with the MSI Creator Z16, their new innovation. I need a computer that gives me plenty of storage space since the content and MP3s I create are very heavy. The real plus of MSI Creator Z16 is that it has a good graphics card and a good processor. And then obviously, once you have the right equipment, you have to work really hard and with a lot of diligence!

What do you like about the new features of the MSI Z16?

I work with desire and inspiration so I really appreciate being able to use it everywhere. Its independence satisfies my need to move and create anywhere. Very thin and lightweight, I can easily take it with me. For production, the 16-inch touch screen gives me great visualizations, very realistic and respecting the 1.618 gold number that provides more viewing area, which is very practical for creators. Sometimes the difference is in the details. The MSI Creator Z16 is very intuitive, especially in the system and software settings. I also like the look of the aluminum. Thanks to its rounded shape, it has a more modern and elegant look. A little more: I love working at night and appreciate the bright, customizable keyboard detail.

If you had to describe your new gadget in three words?

I would say above all it is effective. Then it is elegant. Indeed, the MSI logo says it all: Technology meets aesthetics. Finally, and just as important, the MSI Creator Z16 proves to be easy to carry with a smoother connection than the previous MSI.

How does your computer keep you connected to your communities and creative ecosystem?

I use it next to my phone. For my community, I prefer Instagram although I also stream on Twitch quite a bit. It requires a certain amount of diligence. I prefer focusing first on music and working with artists rather than having a strong digital presence. What is better every day? Working behind my computer composing music.

MSI Creator Z16 is now available in Boulanger

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