Sellers buy shares before they go on sale thanks to a loophole

PS5 is in store in Japan. – Kita Ijima / AP / SIPA

to get PS5You have to be patient … or have the right tools. A group of speculators managed to grab a portion of the brand’s shares
British Argos even before it goes on sale, reports
IGN Carried over by Fonandroid. This was to be Tuesday. The result, in a few seconds, all keyboards are gone.

These sellers named Express Notify would have succeeded, as of Monday, in making their marketplace. The group benefited from prof Defect on the site From British brand. The Japanese console get links were then posted on a paid Discord server. Screenshots showing the purchase of several copies of the PS5 have been distributed in Argos by super netizen.

Reaction is too late

“Always innovate and innovate! The advantages of having excellent in-house developers! Express Notify boasted on Twitter. It’s difficult to say how many consoles have been sold this way, according to IGN. Argos confirmed that it “had identified a technical issue that allowed a small percentage of customers to place orders early,” but responded too late. The brand was apparently unable to block the transactions.

The bug has been fixed since then. Distributors will have to find another one to collect the rare PS5 stocks popping up here and there. Scarcity attracts lust. The consoles are resold on eBay or other peer-to-peer platforms at high prices.

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