Selling alcohol-based toys: It takes 6 months for hardware supplier to be suspended

The registry for selling items containing alcoholic liquid has been emptied by the judge in flagrant crimes. Games supplier Ali Khalil and dealer Tierno Amadou Diallo were sentenced to six months in prison in addition to a fine of one million CFA francs each. In addition, they will have to jointly pay a million CFA francs to the mother of the children who drank the liquid. These businessmen were found guilty of misleading the quality of the goods and endangering the lives of others.
While the defendants were released, the court also rejected the Sos Consommateurs’ civil constitution request.
The merchants who were arrested in this case were placed under arrest yesterday on charges of selling alcohol illegally and endangering the lives of others.
This is both amazing and strange, because the Ministry of Commerce made an unreasonable discovery of a sample of games that had been resold by a dealer established in Dakar. A distributor of toys and tools for children containing sweet liquid. He was arrested by the Internal Trade Directorate on the instructions of “Minister of Trade Madame Asumi (Aminata) Diata”. According to this ministerial department, which was set with a warning, “its laboratories conducted the analysis that actually showed a taste of fruit and alcohol at a score of 6”. According to the ministry, “the dealer claims that he bought these toys and delivered them to a car in front of his shop without a purchase invoice.” Faced with such lightness, the dishonest merchant was arrested and placed at the disposal of the public prosecutor. “Our services are currently recovering the devices that have already been distributed,” continues the Ministry of Commerce. If the first alerts come from Mbor, the Directorate of Internal Trade must redraw a map of the distribution of these fraudulently introduced tools, no doubt, in Senegal. This is a sector that has been dismantled by the services of the Ministry of Commerce.

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